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Great Italian Food. Inviting Ambiance. Never had a bad experience. A must.
 Andrew P.

"We love coming to Stellas. It always feels like home"
- Linda S.

Mamma and Papa Cerrone opened a small pizzeria on October 20, 1960. Today, almost 62 years later this pizzeria is now known as "Stellas" in Floral Park. The restaurant has persevered for five decades due to the dedication and hard work of the Cerrone family. Gina and Giuseppe Cerrone had a strong work ethic which they brought over with them from Italy where in their native Calle D'Arte (40 miles south of Rome) they lived with their children on a small farm.

Their devotion to the business grew through the years as did the family; their four daughters and a son along with other members of their extended family have all worked in the business during the last five decades. Presently upon entering the restaurant you are greeted by the daughter Elsa who orchestrates the smooth operation of the front of the house as if you were in her home, while her sister Enza creates delicious sauces and elaborate (and irresistible) desserts in the kitchen with inherent pride. Son Peter, along with son in-law Vincenzo and nephew Antonio prepare the various Italian Specialities

Mamma Stella, whom passed away at the age of 98 sat and greeted the customers and watched over the dishes emanating from the kitchen every day to assure that everything met her high expectations.

Mamma's philosophy along with the fortitude of her family including that of her late husband Giuseppe who worked in the restaurant until he was 98 has resulted in Stellas growing from a neighborhood pizzeria, to a restaurant that has long been a staple in fine Italian Cuisine on Long Island, to ultimately a "destination restaurant"

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